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Mile High Mycolabs

Your Trusted Source for Gourmet, Medicinal & Psilocybin

We are an agricultural business based in Colorado. With the passing of Proposition 122, we saw the growing demand for safe, sterile & locally sourced organic material to support the at home mycology interest. We are believers in sustainable farming and wish to support like minded individuals in achieving their goals of at home cultivation. 

Locally Sourced in the USA

All substrate are sourced from the USA through local small businesses to guarantee and ensure premium quality passed on to our customers. Each individualized bag goes through a hydration process before sterilization to ensure premium product outcome.

The sterilized grain bag will be equipped with a self sealing injection port to assist with sterile inoculation as well as a Micron filter patch to block contaminants while providing flow for an even gas exchange.


100% Sterile Environment

Each of our spawn bags are sealed to ensure a 100% sterile environment for your culture to thrive.

We approach out packaging in a sterilized cost effective approach to pass along savings to the consumer. We don't believe in overcharging for fancy packaging that is unnecessary for your cultivation needs.

Most shipping products will be of recycled material due to our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint on this earth.

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